We brought to life the striking 627 m² stand filled with Holster Tobacco's shisha tobacco and electronic cigarette products at the Shisha Messe fair in Frankfurt, Germany. We strategically divided our stand into key areas to facilitate easy viewing and purchasing of products by customers. By meticulously decorating the surroundings of the stand with product models and natural plants, our aim was to offer a unique atmosphere to the visitors. This approach allowed Holster Tobacco's products to be impressively showcased.

To maintain controlled access, we made the stand accessible from only two points. This way, interested visitors could easily reach the stand by following designated paths. Additionally, by placing a ceiling hanger at the top, we captured the opportunity to present a visual feast to the visitors, ensuring the stand was easily visible from all angles.

Throughout the Shisha Messe fair, the Holster Tobacco stand stood out with the meticulous design and setup provided by Limafuar. The stand effectively represented Holster Tobacco's products and created an atmosphere that emphasized the company's identity.

06 - 08 May 2022


Shisha and Tobacco


Shisha Messe 2023

Stand System



33x19= 627M2


Messe Frankfurt