At the Beauty and Care Fair held at the Lütfi Kırdar Congress and Exhibition Palace in Istanbul, Turkey, MACKA'S, distinguished as a brand that makes a difference in the beauty and cosmetics sector, participated with a 112 m² wooden stand. This large and stylish stand was specially designed to display MACKA'S beauty and care products in the most impressive manner and to provide visitors with a unique experience. Inside the stand, interactive areas were created to offer information about the brand's extensive product range and beauty trends. There were also special zones where visitors could experience the products firsthand. The design of the stand was carefully selected to emphasize MACKA'S's expertise in beauty and cosmetics and its original brand identity. Limafuar's special stand design made MACKA'S stand out as a noticeable brand at the Beauty and Care Fair, offering visitors an unforgettable brand experience. The MACKA'S stand was centrally located at the fair as one of the leaders in the world of beauty, effectively promoting the brand's strong presence.

27 - 30 April 2023


Beauty and Cosmetics


Güzellik ve Bakım

Stand System



7x16= 112M2


İstanbul Lütfi Kırdar Kongre
ve Sergi Sarayı