We designed a special 186 m² wooden booth for Shades-Chillma Tobacco, one of the leading brands in the hookah and tobacco industry, for the Shisha Messe 2023 fair held in Frankfurt, Germany. This booth was specifically prepared to reflect Shades-Chillma Tobacco's rich product range and impressive presence in the world of hookah. The booth's expansive area provided the opportunity to display the brand's products with great freedom and offer visitors an unforgettable experience. The wooden booth system gave the stand a warm and contemporary feel, creating an atmosphere suitable for Shades-Chillma Tobacco's products. Inside the booth, specially designed product display areas ensured the visually appealing presentation of products. Additionally, comfortable seating areas placed in different parts of the booth created an ideal environment for visitors to experience the products and interact with brand representatives. Throughout the Shisha Messe 2023 fair, the Shades-Chillma Tobacco booth became a favorite, thanks to the meticulous design and setup provided by Limafuar. This booth highlighted the brand's leadership in the hookah and tobacco world while offering fair visitors a memorable hookah experience.

26 - 28 April 2023


Shisha and Tobacco


Shisha Messe 2023

Stand System





Messe Frankfurt