System 1


Wooden exhibition stands, thanks to the workability of wood, offer highly creative designs. These stands can be produced using various techniques such as raw wood, painted wood, chipboard, and lacquered finishes. Wood provides a warm and natural look, creating an aesthetic atmosphere in exhibition areas.

Wooden design stands can be customized according to the technical permissions of the exhibition area and the size of the space. Although these stands are usually designed as single-story, double-story versions are also available for larger spaces and more lavish presentations.

These stands are among the most preferred systems in terms of visual appeal, uniqueness, and aesthetics. Especially in today's world, where sustainability and the use of natural materials are emphasized, wooden exhibition stands stand out as an eco-friendly option. Additionally, their modular designs allow for easy disassembly and reassembly, making them a practical solution for various events.

System 2


Maxima exhibition stands are systems made from cost-effective aluminum profiles, offering an economical alternative to wooden designs. Various materials like plexiglass, wood, and tulle can be integrated between these aluminum profiles, adding both functional and aesthetic value to the stands.

Produced in accordance with international quality standards, Maxima exhibition stands represent an innovative approach within modular systems. These stands provide visual attractiveness, distinction, noticeability, and memorability in an exhibition environment, enabling impressive presentation of your products. Maxima stands are notable for their functional, stylish, and practical features, enhancing the effective display of your products.

Economically, Maxima exhibition stands are more cost-effective than wooden stands due to the high recycling rate of the materials used. Additionally, their lightweight and easy-to-assemble structure lead to lower installation and transportation costs. These stands hold a significant place among eco-friendly exhibition solutions, offering an environmentally sensitive and sustainable option.

System 3


Modular exhibition stands emerge as an attractive alternative for participants who want to capture the advantages of custom wooden construction stands at a lower cost. These stands are among the most cost-effective options, with rental fees that are lower compared to other systems. Made entirely of aluminum and chipboard, these systems are a common and widespread choice in fairs. However, they usually offer limited design elegance and are often used as standard (package) stands in fairs.

Modular exhibition stands, prepared with aluminum construction and tailored to your corporate identity, offer an ideal solution for effectively showcasing your products. These stands, which can be disassembled and reassembled, provide an economical choice by being reusable for multiple events. The combination of aluminum and MDF/chipboard forms these stands, and additional materials can be incorporated to enhance functionality and visual appeal. These additions increase the attractiveness of your stand, ensuring your brand is presented in a more eye-catching manner.

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